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Referees and Vaughan Soccer - Information Featured

This artcicle pertainms to all House League and Competitive League Referees. Vaughan Soccer builds players, coaches, teams, and YES! Referees too! Click here if you are interested in more information on becoming a referee.

The Vaughan Soccer Club would like to express their appreciation and thanks to all referees for the constant and at times, hard work that they do throughout the outdoor and indoor season.

We believe that without you our club would not be able to carry on their excellent work that we do and we are looking forward to having all of you back for the upcoming Outdoor Season.

Who's In Charge?

The referee's decision is final and not subject to debate. This rule not only applies to soccer but to all sports general. Players, coaches and spectators must accept and follow this principle at all times. Referee who is face with verbal harassment, intimidation, or physical threats has the right to abandon the game. It is imperative that all of us control our behavior we as club cannot afford to drive referees away from the game. All game officials are under enough pressure without that added unnecessarily by players, coaches and spectators.

Referees Need our Encouragement

We are all human beings and have different view points and we cannot always totally agree with the decisions or actions taken by the referee. We do need to keep this in mind that the referee's job is the most important one but at same time the most difficult. At the youngest level the job is somewhat less important to the youngest players and the game can be officiated by a parent or coach.

As the game becomes more formalized, the referee is becomes a key to the proper conduct of the game. It is not out of the ordinary but very disappointing when a rookie 14 year old referees officiating a 6 or 7 year old players to be subjected to verbal abuse from overly zealous parents for a lack of a better words.

If this type of behavior is coming from a parent of one of your child's teammates, what action should you take? Because it does need action! A quiet word in his/her ear may or may not be the way to go. A word with the coach? It needs to be handled delicately, but it should not be ignored because it is not right.

On another note, do you ever make a point of thanking a referee at the end of the game? If not, please consider it the more we can do to encourage them the more retention of referees will happen and the more confidence they will have to make the right call.

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