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YRSA Info - Rep teams

Written by  Jessica Green
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YRSA logoPlease remind your coaches of the following as we head into the 2011-2012 Indoor Season. I know we have already discussed these things but we still seem to be having these issues.


  • All new photos should be cut to fit the guidelines as set out in the Player Book and be a shot of the head/shoulders of the player. Photographs should be affixed to the book using glue – do not use staples or tape as it interferes with the District Administrator’s photo stamp. Photos must be on photo paper and not laminated. Photographs that do not fit within the guidelines will be sent back to the Club.


  • All books must be signed by the Players. Books that bare no signature will not be stamped and will be sent back to the club.


  • The validation page must be filled out on ALL books before they are sent to the district.  Books that are not completed will be returned to the club to be filled out.


  • Photographs need to be replaced every 3 years for Youth/Mini players and 5 years for Senior players. This will be done by registration year.

For example:  the 2012 registration year consists of the 2011-2012 Indoor Season and the 2012 Outdoor Season. Mini/Youth Players with photos stamped 2009 and Senior Players with photos stamped 2007 will require a new photo.

  • The League or Session should be the name of the League that the team is entering i.e. CGSL, OYSL, YRSL Youth etc. If the team is not entering a league it should be listed as only one of these two designations: “Indoor Tournament Team” or “Outdoor Tournament Team”


For “Call-up” Players, books should read only the club and league they are playing and H.L i.e. “Thornhill H.L” – Not “Call-up”

  • Residency - A minimum of 9 registered players on the roster must be residents of York Region before out of District players can be registered to any Mini/Youth team. Teams should not be brought to the District to be processed if they do not meet residency. No non-resident player books will be stamped until 9 resident players’ books are stamped. For example:  If 10 books are brought and only 6 of the players are residents no books will be stamped. 


  • Roster Min/Max: Mini Indoor (U9, U10) 7 – 14  Youth Indoor (U11+) 7 – 18  Senior (U21+) 7 - 25


  • Also, please remind your coaches that they are not to come to the district with any books with out written permission from the club to the district allowing it.


  • Books will not be done on the spot. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days we will let you know going forward what the turn around time for books is.


  • All Coaches & Assistant Coaches require the following: Child, Youth, Senior, Laws of the Game, and Respect in Soccer.Teams will be sent back if coaches do not meet these criteria.


  • To be stamped, the District must either have copies of all four certificates & the RiS Certification number – Team Officials will not be stamped without the provided documentation.


  • A Playing out forms is not required for the PISL, or Tournament Teams.


  • The Team Number must be provided on all documents such as TEF’s, ATF’s, & AHEG’s – they must be resubmitted if it is missing. 


Jessica Green:  Tel: (905) 660 - 3029  Fax: (905)660 - 9832  www.yrsa.ca

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