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REP Forms

The following are forms that are required for Competitive/REP teams. Please note that the further away from home you travel the longer your form will take for approval.

Travel outside York Region, but within Ontario must be approved by the YRSA.
Travel outside Ontario, but within Canada must be approved by the YRSA and the OSA. 
Travel outside Canada must be approved by the YRSA, the OSA and the CSA.

Estimated Times to get approval:
YRSA: one week
YRSA and OSA: three weeks
YRSA, OSA and CSA: six weeks


If you are playing in a tournament which is outside York Region you will need permission from the YRSA [our governing bodies] to attend.
Application to Travel to a Tournament or Exhibtion Game outside the YRSA 

Applications to Travel - Check ATF's Approvals
Are you looking to see if an ATF application has been approved? Click here to check the status of an ATF application

Exhibition Games:

If you are hosting or playing in an exhibition game you will need permission from the York Region Soccer Association to do so.

Application to Host an Exhibition Game:

Approved Ontario Tournaments/Exhibition Games
Are you looking to see if an Exhibition Game application has been approved?

VSC Official Exhibition Game Sheet [gamesheet]

See the following REP Admin and team information CHECKLIST guide:

 VSC REP Team Checklist.pdf 45.10 Kb

See below for OUTDOOR 2014 Forms and Information:

 2014_OUTDOOR_REGISTRATION_FORM.pdf 520.38 Kb 19/02/2014, 12:36

 CODE_OF_ETHICS_for_parents.pdf 27.87 Kb 19/02/2014, 12:57

 CODE_OF_ETHICS_AND_CONDUCT_for_Players.pdf 65.98 Kb 19/02/2014, 12:57


REP Sponsorship Agreement Form.pdf - Coming Soon!

Coaching and Admin Staff:

 REP Coaches and Admin Information Sheet.pdf 17.62 Kb

 2014 REP Coaches and Admin Registration Form - HR Application.doc 114.50 Kb 25/02/2014, 11:55 

 REP Admin Staff - Code of Conduct.pdf

 Coaching Staff Registration Form and Police Screening Form.pdf 41.82 Kb

 Team_Playing_Out_Application_Form.pdf 307.56 Kb

Insurance Claims [OSA]:

 Accident_Report_Form.docx 43.87 Kb 19/02/2014, 14:01 

 OSA_Claims_Form_AIG.pdf 114.89 Kb 19/02/2014, 13:01 

Please see above copy of the insurance forms. 

a) Parent or player ... must email me directly to report accident with details and must complete form – see above
b) Second form [OSA Claims Form], is the form that our Office Admin will complete and return back to the parent or player.

Volunteer Forms:

 Volunteer_Application.pdf 61.64 Kb 19/02/2014, 14:09 

 VSC_Volunteer_Feedback_form.pdf 30.22 Kb 19/02/2014, 14:09 

More forms coming soon!!! 

If you cannot find the form you are looking for here, please contact our Office Admin.

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