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Vaughan Soccer Volunteers helped in an emergency situation...

Dear Coaches, we would like to thank all the teams on behalf of the Vaughan Soccer Club and the Trillium Foundation that attended all the four seminars that were presented by Kick Physiotherapy Sports Medicine.

We wanted make you aware that an emergency situation can occur at any time... taking these courses can help to save a life! Last Sunday afternoon during a practice at the Vaughan Sportsplex 2 we had such an emergency. We were informed that three of our coaches went out of their way to help in an emergency situation. A 911 phone call was made for one of our volunteers who had collapsed after a team practice. The following coaches: Mauro Caravella, Frank Principe and the other coach Steve Kagan were there to help keep the gentlemen comfortable and calm. We are very proud of these volunteers who lead by example, helped with the situation, stood at the side door waiting for the ambulance and fire truck making it easy for the paramedics to get to the individual!

The story above is a TRUE story and speaks to the importance of taking these courses! The club hopes that the four seminars were very informative and interesting. In the near future we will be putting the handouts and some videos from the four seminars on our web site. Please stay tuned.

If some teams need handouts on any of the four seminars please feel free to contact Tony DePalma or look under our new DEVELOPMENT menu, under Health and Saftey.

The club also hopes that the seminars will help all the teams to be more pro-active in preventing injuries on the field and will help all the teams in producing an optimal soccer player in a safe and healthy environment.

All feedback on the seminars is appreciated! ...and since we will be working with Kick Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine in the future we would also appreciate any suggestions from the teams concerning future topics, location, time and days that seminars should be given.

Lastly, all the teams will be receiving in their mailbox at the club house a video entitled "First Response: C.A.R.E. CPR" we would suggest that all coaching staff view the video in case of emergencies you will know what to do. Accompanied with the video we will be including a team certificate for all teams that participated in at least three out of the four seminars.

Once again, thank you for participating!

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