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Vixens lead Vaughan youth in Santa Clause Parade!!! Featured

Every year the City of Vaughan celebrates the Christmas holidays and anticipate the arrival of Santa Clause at the Santafest parade in Maple Ontario! 

If you were trying to drive by the corners of Jane and Major Mackenzie yesterday you would have been redirected as the Vaughan Santa Clause Parade left Canada's Wonderland at approximately 2PM and steadily walked east towards City hall where the parade came to an end. WALKING the parade yesterday was truly a great pleasure seeing the little kids point at our float and wanting soccer balls. Their precious little smiles and hopes to become future soccer players for the GREAT VAUGHAN SOCCER CLUB someday was truly rewarding to see!!!

This year's Vaughan Soccer Club involvement was initiated and planned by our Santa-fest committee. Our 1997 Girls team headed by Domenic Guadagnoli and Gianni DeGasperis. The Vixens team took a lead role and volunteered to plan and organize the event! Team leader Joyce Blackburn kept everyone in the loop and worked closely with Sandra Colica to recruit, plan, correspond and see the initiative through. Other teams joined in, a few at the last minute, which resulted in a very successful representation of Vaughan Soccer Club. The teams involved were:

Vaughan Azzurri Vixens - 1997 Girls, Vaughan Azzurri Cyclones - 1998 Girls, Vaughan Azzurri Wolves - 2001 Boys, Vaughan Azzurri Vipers - 2002 Boys, Vaughan Azzurri Legends - 2003 Boys, Vaughan Azzurri Pumas - 2003 Girls.

Even our competitors could not be found anywhere this year... None of them... I dare not mention their names, all I can say is GREAT JOB VAUGHAN! Maybe they heard about how we are gearing up for our next season, how we will improve and work with the community to better our soccer programs in Vaughan. We truly are 'shaping today's community youth to be the pillars of tomorrow's society!' as our Club President Danny Pellegrini says... We like to think we are the best club in the region, sometimes... best club in the world!

The parade plans were a big success, but much planning went in to making this event happen. The plans began in early September, many hours and efforts were put in. If you just showed up at the last minute and had a seat on the float, please acknowledge and express our gratitude to the many volunteers who put their time in to make this years Santa Clause parade a huge success!

We would like to thank the following volunteers, without their leadership, their support and organization, this years Santafest initiative would not have been possible. Our float placed 1st. in the Community Sports Grouping, it was all due to the efforts and hard work put in by the following 'SUPER' members: 

  • * Domenic Guadagnoli - fearless leader - ( visionary, I suspect he wears a big letter S  for Super-Dom on his costume underneath his shirt!)
  • * Carlo, John and Danny Tersigni - Belmont Concrete Ltd. - provided float, Truck and building Material
  • * Kirou-Mauro Family (Leo and Athena) - MGC Contracting - provided building material, Christmas decorations and candy canes, they also brought their expertise in building the float last Saturday November 24th.
  • * Marcel Dorion the drivers... no one was run-over and no laws were broken while driving the truck!!! Further Marcel also took the time to help assemble the float!
  • * The Blackburn Family (Joyce, David, Laura, Amanda and Robbie) Joyce put in many days of work coordinating, organizing, dealing with a plethora paper work. The Blackburn family build the snowmen playing soccer... over 30 hours of work were put in just towards the building of the snowmen! They looked great and I thought it was brilliant, just brilliant! If we win the any prize for the best looking float, it will be due to this idea, time and effort!

Several families were very involved and provided general labour building the float last Saturday and Sunday. They gave up their weekend for all of us... A special thank you goes out to them:
  • * The Blackburn Family (Joyce, David, Laura, Amanda and Robbie)
  • * The De Gasperis Family (Gianni, Valerie and Mia) 
  • * Carotta Family (Massimo, Wanda and Martina)

...and lastly Sandra Colica, through her involvement, the paper work, registration, building mascot costumes, and other duties helped to make this years Santafest a big success!  Even after it was all said and done and most of the participants had gone home, the entire float was broken down and taken apart by Domenic, Gianni, Joyce, Laura and Sandra.

As you can see, to plan this event is not an easy task, not if you want it done right, and if you care about the club you represent these members are prime examples to guys like me and others too!

If you are interested in participating in next years Santa Clause parade, the Santafest committee is looking for you! Please contact Sandra directly and inquire. The sooner the better! Great experience for everyone involved, if we plan early, we can make it the best showing ever!

How much fun was it? The pictures speak for themselves. If you wish to use any of our images please contact Sandra Colica directly and notify us before posting anywhere. If you wish, you may download the following images in their original size by visiting our skydrive account, do it soon before we remove them.



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